Season Two (Hooda L.K. Presents & The Moody Without Music Stream) (English version)

Time flies when you're having fun and we had a BLAST this past year with over a hundred live shows combined from Hooda L.K. Presents, In The Zone Radio and The Moody Without Music Stream.

So whats next ? Well all we can say it make sure you won't miss a episode and if you do, make sure to check it out #OnDemand because we from War Stories Radio Live will be cooking up some dishes with a lot of heat this season.

While Hooda already kicked of his season with 'IAMAURA' last weekend, he also has a bunch of other dope artists lined up who will drop by for a converstation and promote their brand, with yet another banger lined up this Saturday 7PM EST.

For The Moody Without Music Stream, #SeasonTwo starts this upcoming Friday (May 22th) where they will kick off a brand new season with a 2-hour show in which they will have Mr Groove as a guest to talk about his journey and his music. Make sure to tune in 4PM EST which is 10PM in the Netherlands.

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