How do i get on the station?

Simple.. Just hit us up !


What does 'metadata' mean ?

The metadata on your music is the information such as 'Title,' 'Artist,' 'Album,' 'Year,' etc., and is basically the same information as how you uploaded it to the platforms yourself


Why is there a $30 fee after a late cancellation?

Besides our time and effort we use our network to promote your interview in advance, and with that comes advertisements which are free of cost when the artist show up, but becomes theirs when they bail out


Why Skype ? 

Even without a sponsership, Skype allows us to connect us and our guest with the broadcasting, for as long as we want without having to upgrade to a paid subscriptions, which means we don't have to charge people to either get their own, or cover our expenses. Skype also allows us to make a video-version out of the show


Do I have to pay to get a interview?

No, we try to keep the artists free of charge and therefore all interview are free


Why do I have to become a member?

We see ourself as the Indie-machine, and like to push the people that fits our stations-slogan which is 'War Stories Radio Live, the Only station you show love, you get love'


What do you mean with a 'rundown' ?

A rundown of a show can be handy since not all shows has the same format and air on different times in different timezones 


Where does the 'International exposure' comes in place ? 

Throughout the years we had a lot of International guests and therefore build up a audience/fanbase over the entire world. Besides that WSRL is (currently), not only located in North-Carolina, USA, but also in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, making it all together, a lot of 'International exposure'.

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